iROKOtv at 4

So today, iROKOtv is 4. What started out on YouTube, a mere experiment to digitalise Nigerian content, has morphed over the last 5 years into the foremost content production, acquisition, distribution and subscription business for Nigeria’s and Africa’s content jewel. Nollywood. From toiling in obscurity for years, to every move tracked and picked over with equal awe and ill will, the team we have today is very different from the team we started out with. The world and industry, where for the longest time we shaped the consumption habits for millions (when we were freemium), and then tens of thousands (with our SVOD-only offering) has changed. The competition I faced over the years has changed dramatically. 2011 in Nigeria, streaming was a non-mainstream behaviour. Today, across Facebook, Instagram, Vine and YouTube, it’s an essential part of how we interact with others around us. It’s an essential diet for millions. But it still has its challenges. Where it has revolutionised the...

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