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iROKOtv has changed forever. Outside of Africa we are currently subscription only. It took us 4 months to get there. From 29th April to 17th July, geography by geography, we began erecting paywalls for our 1m strong global audience. The net result was effectively killing a revenue base which contributed $2m of 2013 earnings.
Inside of Africa we have re-aligned
Inside English speaking Africa [ESA] iROKOtv will be no longer just a platform for Nollywood content. We have broadened our content mix to include Hollywood, Bollywood, Telenovelas and Korean Dramas.

Why did we go ahead and do that? Because that’s what our viewers wanted. Be Customers is one of our guiding principals. So when we online-surveyed the viewing habits amongst our ~130k regular ESA free viewers today, the thousands who responded reiterated their love for Nollywood and also indicated their preference for a whole array of other content. The remarkable thing? They are willing to pay for it.
To go beyond our poll r...

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