iROKO. Bad for the Industry? Part 1

I was speaking to an executive of one of the largest cinema chains in Nigeria. He was telling me how most people he spoke to thought iROKO was ‘bad for the industry’. To be honest this is something I hear regularly. My first thought was, If I am bad, who is good?
Then, second to that I thought, how does one come to that conclusion? He told me I needed to ‘communicate’ more about iROKO’s industry perspective, you know, shake hands and kiss babies, using political parlance. Anyway. This morning I awoke to the news that one of the most pioneering startups in the world had massive new competition. Apple Music. And had raised another $526m at a $8.53b valuation. Spotify is largely reviled in the music industry. Even though they have paid $3 billion to artists, with $300m of that being in Q1 2015 alone, they are continually slammed by the likes of Jay Z, Taylor Swift and others for the apparent little they pay to the artists. Spotify has 20m paid subscribers, 75m users overall. Apparent...

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