iROKO and Canal+ = iroko+

So after a few crazy weeks of work cranking the iROKO and Canal+ teams, we have given birth to something delightful. Something we hope is valuable to the 250m residents of French Speaking Africa (FSA). Welcome iroko+

* Above, FSA countries
Today we go live across all countries in French Speaking Africa.There will almost 1,800 hrs of French dubbed Nollywood, Telenovelas and African series. And even better, we are going to make it free until 1st June 2016. So viewers across FSA can enjoy all this content at their leisure whilst we gather data on their content preferences and viewing habits. We are really about educating, evangelising and embracing a new audience for paid video content in Africa. We believe in localisation, so the entire app will be fully translated into French (text/audio visual) to truly bring it to life for the FSA market. We believe in bringing viewers to content they’ll love, this is the first realisation of that and we (at iROKO) are so excited about brea...

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