I’m CEO, Bitch!

I’m CEO, Bitch. Those are the legendary words printed on a young Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s business cards.
Someone was asking me what I do everyday. Not in a strategic fluffy PR sense, but literally. What do I do everyday? When I wake up until I go to sleep, what do I actually do? When I thought about it, it dawned on me. Being a CEO is pretty boring. My 11 year old nephew came to the office with me a few years ago as I wanted to show him what I did all day. He tuned out after about 15 mins. It was incredibly boring. He knew it instantly. I was a little slow to realise. So what do I do?
- have meetings
- have phones calls
- respond to emails.
And somewhere amongst all those activities, I make mostly wrong decisions.
That’s it folks. Being a startup CEO is basically high end administration. Sorry to burst the bubble. The magazines and stuff want to sex it up. The TV shows try to make us seem like warriors. But you can’t. It’s boring. The only truly exciting stuff is the fr...

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