I am the F$xking Dude.

Broke by supremely confident. I willed it into reality.

I wrote these 25 things in 18th February 2009. I haven’t changed a thing and the original is on my Facebook page today. It makes me happy how little I have changed over the years. Still me. Just now part of the 1%

1.] The most important person in my life is my Mum aka Super woman. I can do no wrong in her eyes… hence im a certified mummies boy.. I am the first born son, which in African terms renders me responsible for the all my siblings…. I have two older sisters and a little sister and brother. And perhaps the most crazily complicated family existence i have encountered.

2.] I am a council estate kid. period. Solidly on the proverbial wrong side of the tracks. Hence im familiar with law, the streets and was stabbed in 2000 whilst fighting for a friend. Although my South LDN accent is long gone… This makes up the fundamental nature of who Jason is (i often speak of myself in third person)

3] I was the devil incarnate in my youthful days… I got expelled from 3 schools and ended up being shipped out to Nigeria [14-17] for ‘discipline’ and ‘cultural’ purposes… I lived in a village which lacked electricity, running water (fetched water from the local river) and cultivated alot of our own food…

4.] I rarely, perhaps 2-3 per year drink and have never tried any drugs. Not a morality issue here. just never thought the need to. I am too much of the alpha male / tyrant / boring type to bother. plus i am incredibly scared of drugs. i have experienced first hand their destructive side.

5.] I read Chemistry at the University of Manchester which i hoped solidified my Geek credibility. For all intents and purposes; i am an uber geek… I read at least one book a week, scan over 100 blogs a day, have a triple monitor-screen computer set up (hoping to add more soon), and am a documentary whore. I watch at least one a day, and am ALWAYS online.

6.] I used to be a Roman Catholic. But as an aspiring Adventurer, Scientist, Philosopher & Theologian; the more i discovered about the evolution of the monolithic religions the more they erred me. So as a mere homo sapiens i reside in the Agnostic camp.

7.] I have a great love for the History of Old Civilisations’. Romans being the favourite.

8.] I have an incredibly sweet tooth, and have a mostly plastic food type diet. McD’s et al. I usually forgoe the main meal and eat dessert for dinner.

9] I am fiercely independent. Contrary to popular belief, i dont have an massive ego. I have an incredibly high opinion of myself (in a non malicious way) and always have an opinion on everything else. But typically dont care what people think of me. I write my own rules. I love being non-mainstream. and somewhat odd.

10.] My bestest friend and absolute Hero is a young chap called Bastian Gotter. If you ever speak to me for more than 5mins his name will invariably pop up.

11.] I have an uncanny ability to control and absorb emotional pain. Some have said it makes me ‘remote’, ‘cold’, ‘passionless’ and a host of other lovely euphemisms..

12.] I am the most easily distracted person in the world. I typically watch 2-3 programs at the same time whilst googling random tibits online for interesting facts.

13.] I love Funk, Motown, Disco and African music… It makes me smile.

14.] People typically think of me as a ‘fashionista’ or at least someone with a passing interest in fashion related things.. Yet in reality beyond the economics of fashion i have incredibly little interest… Running my little magazine called brash brought me into contact with the so called ‘fashionista’ but i am quick to suppress any notion ‘fastionistaism’

15.] I have the reputation as a ladies man. It used to be true, many moons ago; less so now. Having earned my respect and A-team status with the boys… hence forth my virility can never be called into question.

16.] Although i am incredibly comfortable with people… I spend about 90% of my time alone. And have picked up the ability to have full blown debates and arguments with myself. It perhaps makes me a certified Mentalloid. And incredibly odd in character. I typically dont leave the house for 2-3 days at a time.. unless i have to.

17.] I have had three serious relationships in my life. The longest being 2 years. Most girls i know today usually tell me i don’t ‘seem’ like the relationship type.

18.] I have been trying to read Plato’s REPUBLIC for the last six months; i have found it the most delightful head fuck i have ever encountered. brilliant. hence i read a page and ponder the meaning for the following weeks.

19.] I am an adventurer in the truest sense of the world. Albeit my adventures reside in commercial activita. My first love was BRASH magazine; she took took over and abused me for 3 years of my life. yet i cant leave her. I have the ability to generate what i consider to be ‘amazing’ business ideas and am currently working hard to focus on executing them.

20.] I think all people are naturally beautiful. We just work really hard to mess it up.

21.] I am not afraid of failure. “There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.” Im solidly in the latter.

22.] Amongst many things… Gaika is the Fucking dude… a few years back we fell out massively. Yet today we are cooler than cool.

23.] I am a cinema buff. I go 1-2 times a week.. I have difficulty relaxing but somehow manage to switch off when watching films in dark rooms.

24.] I Dont really sleep that much. Not Insomnia-esque issues. but always wake up after about 4 hours of sleep. I guess i will sleep when im dead.

25.] I am incredibly complicated, yet frustratingly simple.

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