How I ended up investing $700k in African Gaming & Entertainment

I've never had savings. I don't think I ever will. Back in 2015/16, Mrs Njoku forced us to save for like 15mths. Things were great. We just had a big positive year ($19m fundraise) with IROKO, so as my compensation package hadn't moved, I asked the IROKO board for a $100k/year pay rise. Nothing crazy at the time, but definitely in the top % of startup CEOs globally. I genuinely believed I was special (jeez, I still do) so felt I deserved to be treated as such. It was an interesting position, as you can imagine. At that stage I had lined up signed contracts worth ~$15m in multi-year content deals for channel distribution and partners etc. Exceptional in fact. Because of this, against all odds, IROKO had survived. We had raised strong financing and ROK had started to emerge as a content distribution force that hadn't existed in Nollywood before. I never asked for any commission nor anything else for building and maintaining this pipeline. To my shock and horror, the IROKO board turn...

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