Honest money

Money is an interesting thing. What’s most interesting is people’s perception of it. Most people I know think my wife and I have millions of dollars sitting in a bank vault room somewhere. We wake up, count the stacks by the bed stand or check our bank accounts and argue over how to spend our gains. Firstly, we have never ever ever had an argument about money. In our household, it has never been that important. When I first met my wife, she had a better car than I did and because my little Jeep (which I borrowed from an uncle) was always breaking down, she actually let me use her car. No shaking. No ego (well a little). She has been here from the early days. So we know ourselves. November 2010. My Jeep hated me (above).
So folks think we are rich.
Unfortunately the reality is far from that. Far far far from it. What we have is equity in iROKO. But cash? Less so. The equity we hope grows and will be valuable someday soon, for school fees and such. In the interim, we both have a sal...

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