High Valuations. A systemic risk?

I got ideas. Lets get this mney

Folks feel I am being negative about 🇳🇬 & Africa at large. I am actually not at all. But the relentless, unchallenged positivity doesn't help fix any of our glaringly obvious underlying issues nor helps us win. And all I want is for us to win, win, win. The notion that having a critical opinion of tech is short sightedness or simply hating (so 90's) is ludicrous, at best. Especially when the ones defending the valuations are selling their equity to oncoming investors in at said sky high valuations. It's simply disingenuous. We all agree raising money isn't winning. Building sustainable companies is. So no matter what story we sell to investors (they are more willing to buy now than ever) it doesn't negate the fact we actually need to end up with sustainable startups (not necessarily profitable). The first wave of investors (Intel, Tiger, Naspers & Kinnevik) came and left. Tiger came back after pouring billions into everything but Nigeria. Th...

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