Founders cut their own salaries

Cut it. All of it. All your lifestyle. Everything you love in this world which costs money. To the bone. Cut everything. Cut it to the bone. When you’ve chipped it, then you know it’s deep enough. Then you can get to work. Because it’s all downhill from here.
This is the advice I give would-be startup founders. If you hope to stay in a degree of comfort whilst starting your new venture. Woe unto you. If I could, I would short you all the way down. Unless you are genuinely a Wunderkid, you are going to have to experience pain. The most social and unacceptable form of pain (esp amongst Nigerians) is financial pain. We glorify faking it until we make it so everyone appears like they have money. Everyone has shiny shoes. This is the worst form of BS smoke and mirrors which really messes up young entrepreneurs in our grand nation. Especially those without father funds to live that lifestyle.
Startups don’t die, they commit suicide. And the founders are usually holding the hammer.
So it...

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