Fintrickery 1.0

Firstly. For the record. Fintech has already proven to be the Holy Grail of tech startups in Nigeria. I applaud that. Man, it's amazing, breathtaking. In 5 short years she has given us everything we ever asked for. A $200m exit. A $1B+ unicorn. A $50m+ non VC backed exit. Attracted hordes of investors into the early stage seed investing game. Everything. Alas, we need to be careful. Amongst all the excitement and backslapping, there is an increasingly worrying trend. The data is increasingly, well, open to interpretation. Said as nicely as I can muster.

Lies, damned lies, and statistics

I love my country people. But if there is a game to be played, they plan to be the best. And right now, from seed stage fund raising, to crypto, to ponzi schemes, our world is filled with tech enabled, scalable ways to plot, scheme and make bank. Nigeria has a reputation for trickery. Nigeria startupland has a reputation for aggressive innovation and brilliant founder-led companies. We need ...

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