Extreme Outcomes. From Broke to the Global 1% Wealthy.

April 2010 aged 29. Living off $200/month. The life, the life... O, the wonderful life

‪The thing about social media and unpublished self help gurus is that they all seem to have an opinion about wealth creation. Being around wealth, commenting on it and creating it are not the same thing. I have found that how you created your wealth is usually complementary to you as a person. And more importantly, I have seen wealthy people in all shapes and sizes. I know frugal ones and flashy ones. I have a friend who will scoff at the suggestion that he would spend $10k on a Rolex watch for his partner, but will then spend $6k on a painting from an artist she likes. I have seen cold calculated ones to emotional hot headed ones. I have seen all. The only thing that makes them similar? The confidence you get from being wealthy. And it's there. It's always there, in some form or another. It comes in different degrees of intensity, but it's there. My definition of wealthy is the 1% UK/US standard...

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