Exits + founders %. The only outcomes that really really matter.

Bill Gates owned 45% of Microsoft post IPO

In the money game it's always about the money

We eventually gave away, or sold, 5 percent of the company for a million dollars at a 20 million dollar valuation, just to get a venture capital company to join our board and give us some adult advice about various things, which was quite helpful. We picked one in the Valley, a guy named Dave Marquardt came on our board and did a fantastic job.That money sat in the bank, and it’s still in the bank today, so it was not for anything to do with capital, but rather just to join the team.A look back at the Microsoft IPO - Techcrunch

As you all know, I have raised Venture Capital before. It feels like a life away but there were heady days back in 2010-2013 when, albeit limited, a number of startups were able to raise tens of millions of dollars with wild eyed ambitions of building a new kind of internet economy. IROKO was founded and leaned into this period. Growth wasn't as important as it is...

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