Employees, Founder[s] & WFH Compensation

Founders need love too. Spare a second for their plight. So much enthusiasm, but also so much anger and a feeling of exploitation and frustrations, and I feel a lot of misunderstanding of what founding and operating a company is like. Even when you work in a startup, it's different to actually leading one. But it feels like that is somehow being lost.

Between 2015-2019 at @irokotv, I personally (not as a team o). Personally thought I was crushing it.

Scaled ROK to millions of $ in FCF at 45% EBITDA margins via content deals with pretty much everyone with an interest in Nollywood.Raised $21m in VC bringing on Canal+ as a strategic content and capital investorSold ROK for $25m to the same Canal+Pre-COVID-19 grew IROKOtv into the leading svod platform in Africa (which was the priority)Took a N500m ($1.6m) personal guarantee in order to access Bank of Industry loans to create content for ROK.

In that time, I wasn't even the highest paid person. My CFO & CTO earned m...

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