Durex and 1,000 Small Decisions

I have been a capitalist for 12 years now. For 6 years, I was failing miserably at everything I touched. Then I wasn’t. When I look back, there is a belief I have formed. Strategy is vital. Tactical is everything else.
Strategy = Tomorrow’s problems.
Tactical = Tonight’s problems.

I don’t believe in game changing strategic moves. I don’t believe that there is one decision you make which fundamentally certifies your success. I believe in iteration in inch by inch tactical hits and misses. I believe in luck. I believe in a thousand small decisions. When I think of all we have done over the last 5 years at iROKO, there were never any game changing moments. Aside from the first funding event, which led to more funding events. Yet from building an actual product and business perspective, it was very much a thousand small tactical decisions. From the hiring wins, to saying Goodbye. We have ebbed and flowed with the machinations of those decisions. Strategy is for leadership. Tacticians ...

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