DStv, Netflix, IROKOtv and the power of Segmentation

Big Boss #2 at Netflix, Ted Sandros (Chief Content Officer)

6 years ago, I visited Netflix offices in LA to discuss deals. Shortly afterwards, IROKO and Netflix did a small experimental deal to bring ~20 Nollywood movies on their service globally. It represented less than 1% of our library and the money was nothing (preparing the files & subtitling essentially made this a no money deal). Launching linear channels was a big deal. Those days, I didn't talk too much about it as it wasn't a big deal or strategic change for the company. But within the company, everyone knew about it. It wasn't a secret or anything. So you can imagine at the time when the content I sold emerged on Netflix and subsequently started off the social media firestorm of 'IROKOtv is now dead' because Netflix is out to crush them. To say I was taken aback is an understatement. I always thought that IROKO had a certain degree of good will amongst African communities, locally and globally. I saw my little band ...

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