Digital Advertising is Dead. Long Live Digital Advertising

* In Nigeria + Africa
If you were thinking of spending your time trying to build an awesome consumer Internet company absent of paying customers (transactions) then you are in for a brutal journey. At least in Nigeria (and Africa). The rest of the world (RoW) approach to capturing hundreds of thousands (or millions) of eyeballs and then throwing up adverts to generate revenue simply doesn’t work. Advertising revenue generated from adnetworks alone in Africa, whether it’s mobile or web based, is marginal compared with the startup and operating costs of trying to build a business here. Wait, what is an adnetwork? They basically have a sales team who work with hundreds of brands / companies (so you don’t have to) to deliver their advertising campaigns across the Internet. They are usually coupled with a technology platform which you connect to and helps the adnetworks deliver and track the performance of their ads’ inventory across the network of publisher sites. Examples of these ar...

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