.com. Goodbye.

This Friday, 3rd July 2015, we turn off irokotv.com. Folks will be met with the above home screen. Existing subscribers will be able to access their accounts and the desktop site. All new folks, welcome, you will be prompted to download the Android app to experience a buffer free experience with v2. We are all a little apprehensive of what happens next. But the most important thing is that we focus on the future and go about building it. It’s exciting because I have just spent most of today conducting a series of final stage interviews. We expect to offer 10+ engineers roles today to help us build an awesome mobile-only product for Africa.
Tidbit. How did we end up at N500? And what’s all this stuff about meat pies…?
Where possible, we like to try and reduce a debate to numbers. Or at the minimum, supporting data points. The mean Naira amount of credit for iROKO employees was N341.87. Android represented ~65% of the survey base. Blackberry was second. I can’t think of a scenario w...

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