CBN + Bitcoin. They make a wasteland and call it peace

CBN governor Godwin Emefiele

They plunder, they slaughter, and they steal: this they falsely name Empire, and where they make a wasteland, they call it peace.Publius Tacitus 

By edict, the CBN has decided that the true and patriotic citizens of Nigeria need to be protected from the evils, and thus future, by banning Crypto. It appears cryptocurrencies are the haven of bribes, ransom payers, narco barons, sex traffickers, terrorists and all the evils known to the soul; the exchange where the interface that enables Nigerians to onboard into this CBN-termed 'sodom and gomorrah'. Think of the damage this narrative does to the would-be tens of millions of people who may or may not be thinking about getting on the ladder to wealth creation and value preservation.

Only 1.1% of crypto is used for illicit activity. (Source: Chainalysis, the leading crypto analytics company in the world) - Twitter user @alephile

COINBASE. THE $50B Exchange

Notwithstanding that, Coinbase is...

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