Bunmi increased her salary 1,060% in 3 months.

Bunmi increased her salary 1,060% in 3 months.

Below is the The ‘A Team’ at IROKOtv Nigeria outbound. Together they generated N3,045,000 in IROKOtv subscriptions sales in May 2018. They all started between January and March this year. Yes, 2018. Their share (gross salary + bonus) of that revenue generated just in May was N1,366,200. The top seller, Bunmi (first on the left), started in March 2018 on a base salary of N25,000. One of ~300 hopefuls we hired that month. She focused, tuned out the doubts and noise and converted. Complete beast mode. In May 2018 (her 3rd month) Bunmi took home gross salary of N290,700. That’s 11.6 times her starting salary. 1,060% increase in 3 months. I was so happy to pay. So happy.

There are 2 people missing in the picture below. Tosin and Ope (both joined in January). They are currently leading the 23-person outbound team in Ghana. The first month there (April) they increased IROKOtv Ghana sales by 100%. They are still currently in our Gha...

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