Billion Naira Startups part1

There is no greater hype movement anywhere in the world than celebrities and entertainment, whether they are musicians or movie stars. The disconnect between what they present to the world (inflated earnings, revenues, social media lifestyles, etc.) and their reality is stark. This has been my world for the last 15 years. Because of that, I take almost anything I see being announced in Nigeria with a pinch of salt. I assume there is some truth to it, but the reality is starker and, well, more modest. This is all just vibes as long as those pushing the hyperbole don't fall in love with it. The moment they do, they are in deep shit, man.From 2019 to 2022, tech startups in Nigeria experienced an unprecedented and, I would argue, once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon of overfunding. Twenty years of startup experience told me that this was terrible for the ecosystem. Folks who were earning, respectfully, N500k/month, and who before 2019 couldn't raise $100k from their friends and families, wer...

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