Billion Naira Startups Part 2

Amazon's Prime Video 'Breath of Life' was short-lived.

Some markets are untapped for a reason.

It's not that no one has tried before; it's just that they, like their ancestors, were killed on the battlefield. Experience has taught them that there is no value there, at least for that cycle. Almost every year, a new subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) player emerges in Africa with dreams of building and monetizing millions of customers for their actual/virtual content library. One thing has become clear over the past 12+ years of running iROKOtv: there is a limited market in Nigeria (and Africa) for paid digital content services. When I started proclaiming this loudly, people thought I was being negative and trying to protect my vast profits. At the time, iROKOtv was losing $100k per week, so that assertion was seen as absurd. However, things always appear grander from the outside. The macro picture still looks strong. While smart devices are becoming increasingly prevalent, the...

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