Beyond Data

Last week, @irokotv Nigeria overtook the UK to become our #2 market in terms of active subscribers (in terms of revenue is a whole other matter). The US remains #1 by a pretty wide margin, but at year end, we expect that will change. Nigeria is q-o-q growing twice the rate as the US. And we haven’t really started moving Nigeria’s acquisition.

We have ~100k downloads per quarter from Android in Nigeria (above). A very small fraction of them actually go on to pay. The reason. Data. So the #1 thing holding us back has been solving the data tax. And that’s a problem for the masses… For our audience it’s acutely troublesome. Our community, our folks who watch Nollywood, primarily live in the base of the pyramid.
We believe there are at least 50m people who love Nollywood globally. This isn’t a pooma (pulled out of my *ass) number. This is grounded in data, What type? Oh, the 70–100m Free to Air (FTA) homes audience reach (AR) data indicating strong preference for Nollywood, 16m PayTV ...

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