Be Like Sim

One day, Sim will share the true happenings of what really went down at Konga. I know more than most, but it’s not my story to share. For now, let’s leave it to the Twitter economists and experts to rake over the supposed smouldering corpse which is, to many the dreams, of Konga - Nigeria’s online shopping Mall.

To my mind, he (and Shola after him), did everything they could. Most will never know the pressures they were under. Most would never truly understand the demands and sacrifices they had to make in order to keep Konga alive.

Me? I am grateful. IROKO is stronger, because at a drop of a hat over the years, both Oga Sim and Oga Shola were always on hand to help out and give a young buck (I still like to consider myself a young man) brutal and yet honest advice. Nigeria Inc is shrouded in smoke, mirrors, mud and masculinity. Sim and Shola always opened up. From day zero. Before Konga. Before the tens of millions both of us went on to raise. Sim was looking to build beyon...

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