Are Nigerian banks useless?

Public Service Announcement: If you generally don’t like me or my writing, or think me a blow hard braggart, please stop reading. You will probably miss the point and become more angry with life in general. Don’t. It’s not worth it. Be happy. I’m not worth it. Okay? Cool.

December 2013. Mrs Njoku was worried. A few months earlier we had just became parents with our first born and she needed some security. As a Nigerian Nigerian, she looked upon startup equity with a measure of scepticism. It was all too casino-like, negotiation-heavy and emotion driven for her. She needed something solid. Mrs Njoku was concerned that we were living in rented accommodation and rather than me trying to remedy that, I was busy trying to buy Rolexes, Hublots and such things. Very immature of me. Rightly so, she was very worried.

So I relented. I’m a grown up, a father in fact. I have to do the right thing. So I told her to find a house in Lagos. Let me go find the financing. Contrary to what most people ...

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