Anxiety & $5,000 angel investments

So, as some of you may be aware, I run a little community called Investzilla. I have been an angel investor for a really, really long time and informally a bunch of folks reach out to me to understand how they can get involved. The vast majority of angel investors in Africa are not in a position to write $25-100,000 checks, the vast majority of really early stage investors have the capacity to easily do $5-10,000 per deal. The problem is, our ecosystem has gotten used to $500k deals being the norm and somewhat oversubscribed. So before it becomes the norm, I think it's important to recognise as a community that the vast majority of people who are building these companies don't have their own early stage capital. That $100k is a boatload of money to anyone anywhere in the world, and as custodians of capital as founders, we shouldn't take a laissez faire attitude to early stage investors who are believers in your startups. I remember when I started IROKO; $5k was massive to me and ...

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