Android in Africa

Yesterday and today ‘Netflix in Nigeria’ has trended on Twitter. It was picked up by every blog / newspaper as something amazing (which it most certainly is). Free launch PR of the like I haven’t seen for a consumer internet product in Nigeria. Dreamy, even. So jealous.
I thought I would take a quick peek at the data. Retweets aside, you know that’s important too. Firstly. Take the data with a pinch of salt. I believe this will change over time. Radically. And compared to Netflix, we perform incredibly well for Nigerians of a certain income bracket.
- iOS downloads in Nigeria — Netflix #1
- Android downloads in Nigeria — Netflix #126
- Android downloads in Nigeria — irokotv (beta) #207
So it’s not like our new Android product is setting the world on fire. But it’s beta and will (like Netflix improve). And it was only released on Monday. So nothing for nothing.

As I mentioned yesterday, we are focused on Nollywood, download and Android in Africa. We started that ...

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