Andrew and the Future of our ecosystem

There was me minding my own business. 9th July. 1am on a Saturday morning.

Mrs Njoku was fast asleep, no noise from the kids, the world was at peace. I finally had time to wade through hundreds of unread Spark emails. I happened across an email from Andrew. Firstly, it was the best intro email I have ever read before. Except I actually didn’t read this email. I starred it, a month earlier and forgot about it. Then he sent me the June Update.
78 words and straight to the point. Thereafter he shared his company’s revenue metrics. I didn’t believe them. I have seen all things grand or small. I had someone recently tell me they were scaling up from $0 to $98m in revenue in 12 months. But these numbers were too good to be true. So I clicked on the link and went to the site., looked pretty straight forward. Then I tried Livechat. 98% of Livechat I have tried outside of 7am — 7pm in Nigeria is usually inactive. But here, past 1am on a Saturday morning, someone answered. T...

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