After COVID-19, how the world does business may never be the same

24thFeb 2012 I was involved in an accident in San Francisco

In building companies, I am a bleeding edge risk taker. In fact, I believe that may be my superpower; the ability to absorb the uncertainty and pain caused by my extreme startup risk taking. On everything else, Mrs Njoku and I are pretty much scared of stuff most people aren't even bothered about. When folks tell me there's a low probability / risk of something happening inasmuch as I agree, when possible and within reason, I prepare for that eventuality. I don't think Mary or I have ever personally met another person who lost a loved one to Boko Haram terrorism. But tens of thousands of people perished, low risk as it may be, one of them was her beloved younger sister Eucharia Nwakaego Remmy. Tens of thousands of others had loved ones they left behind. The odds were in our favour and we lost. So we have very clear protocols around avoiding death at the hands of terrorists (Example. 1. Speed through check and NEVER linger ...

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