500,000 Fbook Fans. Organically

Meet Bola who leads our social media team at iROKO. Today we hit a little, fuck it huge, milestone. 500,000 Facebook fans. This itself isn’t just a large achievement. Many Nigerian brands have achieved this. What is remarkable is that Bola quietly achieved this without spending a dime on ‘buying fans’, doubling the number in the last 12 months.
- The iROKOtv Facebook page is without a shadow of a doubt the most engaging brand/company page in Nigeria. Many brand pages have more fans, some even x3 or x5 in fact within 5 mins I found 10+. But when it comes to engagement levels? Forget about it.

- 253,635, more than 50% are actually Nigerians in Nigeria. So this isn’t an international feat alone. And this has been slow and steady over the last 12 months as we doubled the fans and engagement. This is all tactical. Day to day cranking out awesome content and growing our fanbase.

- On average we reach 1.2million people per week. Video engagement is super strong too. A little look i...

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