50% Layoffs or 50% Paycut

It takes courage to take a leg.

Public Service Announcement. If you are seeing dramatic (25% or more) and immediate revenue drops and you haven't had this discussion, then you basically need to have it now. As brutal as it may be, anyone connected with travel is currently being obliterated right now. Airlines have seen their passenger volumes drop by 90%. Sports betting has seen the cancellation of ALL games globally and the impact it is having is nothing the industry has ever seen. Usually, if there are issues in one part of the world there are still a limited number of games happening elsewhere. The wagers roll on. With the COVID-19 pandemic accelerating, there appears to be no end in sight for sports pain. EPL2020? Cancelled. Champions League? Cancelled. Euro2020. Cancelled. Tokyo Olympics? Cancelled. NBA, NFL & NHL? Cancelled. F1? Cancelled. For that, all startups and industries which have taken 75-90% revenue reductions, the path is clear. Cancel the rest of 2020 and fig...

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