$30m ‘Audio money’ vs $5m ‘Cash in the bank’

RR Ghost is ~$320k. Or $3k + Tax.

So most of my blogs are based on a collection of conversations I have had over many years. This is one which springs to mind. As a capitalist, you need some kind of score card. For many in technology, their personal wealth is largely tied up in imaginary VC / last transaction-type fuelled [Mrs Njoku calls it] - audio money. Aug 6, 2013 Forbes created a list. I happened to be on that list. I remember that list saying IROKOtv was worth $30m and I owned the majority so by the magic of extrapolation I was worth $30m. I spent the following 3-4 years denying this to my mother, sisters and anyone who came into contact with me. They seem to have edited that out of the article. Almost 8 years after many battle scars and loads of drama, if you put my family's wealth at $20-30m, of which 95% is audio (tied up in illiquid media + internet stock), it's a nice big number but it changes nothing. 95% is still audio. Do we live a great life? Completely. We sit in ...

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