3,000% ROI

*Nov 2010. My home office when I moved back from London to Lagos
Early this year, during our recent fund raise we cleaned up our cap table. What does cleaning up one’s cap table actually mean?
The original angel investors of iROKO were able to sell their entire stake (secondary shares) to existing investors in order for them to see some liquidity (after 5 years as investors in iROKO) and for us to have a much more simplified investor group.
In January 2011, I was just getting my head around this whole ‘living in Nigeria and not getting screwed by marketers’ thing. On 13th January, I met a young lady called Mary who became the most important person in the world to me. I worked 18hours a day and was totally obsessed with winning, that I barely slept nor left the house. Bastian managed to convince a couple of his old bosses to invest alongside him in this little Nigerian movie thing he was doing. They didn’t invest in me (they met me for the first time in 2013 I think), they didn’t i...

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