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The confidence game. When it goes to Zero

Over the last few weeks, some huge ($100m+) venture-backed collapses across Africa have occurred. Copia Global ($123m), Wasoko ($153m) venture building is a brutal full-contact blood sport. Raising and announcing capital isn’t the flex. In Africa not having the option or rapid path to sustainability baked into your DNA is

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Why are Black people so Happy? Part 1

Child Labor – History Were the Serfs & Slaves Happy? Today, great developed societies have developed in different ways over hundreds of years. This was before human rights, but if you apply that guideline, nearly ALL modern developed economies abused their populations to achieve poverty escape velocity. Before the European

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Why do I even need a P&L?

Businessman asking a Light Bulb I recounted this story last week while having dinner with Dr. Ola Brown. But in these current times, where there is a cash crunch and capita(lite) is the new normal, cash is everything; where there is no cash, only cash matters.About a decade ago, I

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Nigerian startups. Forged in Fire

A few weeks ago, I spent 8 days in Dubai. During that time, I trained (running or swimming) for at least 6 of those 8 days. My performance was at its peak, and I felt great. On Monday, a few weeks ago, I returned to Accra on the early morning

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Billion Naira Startups Part 2

Amazon’s Prime Video ‘Breath of Life’ was short-lived. Some markets are untapped for a reason. It’s not that no one has tried before; it’s just that they, like their ancestors, were killed on the battlefield. Experience has taught them that there is no value there, at least for that cycle.

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Billion Naira Startups part1

There is no greater hype movement anywhere in the world than celebrities and entertainment, whether they are musicians or movie stars. The disconnect between what they present to the world (inflated earnings, revenues, social media lifestyles, etc.) and their reality is stark. This has been my world for the last

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Selling content in Africa is getting harder

Spotiy Celebrates Nigerian Creatives – @Bellanaija 95% of iROKOtv revenues are outside of Nigeria The above graph shows the distribution of iROKOtv subscribers. Africa’s percentage has dropped to less than 10% since we changed the prices of iROKOtv. If we narrow it down to Nigeria, is it now less than

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We can all agree that 2023 has been a nightmare. For me, it’s been unusually brutal as I have spent considerable time dealing with debt restructuring, cost reductions and completing the 3-year turnaround of Iroko; an Iroko which I re-acquired from investors in May 2022, subsequently becoming the majority shareholder

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Respect the F*vking Race part1

Curbside in Galveston after falling out of the Ironman 70.3 Texas with a groin strain. I was flying. I was surprised, but I was flying. 44km/hr is fast. I have never attained such Speeds on Blue (my BMC Time Machine Triathlon bike), But then something happened at 70km (43.5m) of

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Young man, go and make money!

Your life you soft, your life go jollyYour sleep go sweet, no jokes go funny (confirm)This life mehn I gast make moneyThat’s why I stay steady on grind like TonySoft like Tony – Song by M.I This is for the man or woman o. This is for ALL. Let me

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